Cast iron castings

– grey cast iron and ductile iron

– DISAMATIC automatic moulding lines

– automatic core moulding

– modern and efficient melting shop

– modern design office, optimization of production processes and their computer simulations

– mass range of castings made on automatic moulding lines of up to 100 kg

– hand-moulded castings for small volume or unit deliveries with a mass range of up to 8,000 kg

– examples of parts: discs and drums, agricultural pump components, cable wheels, agricultural wheels, hubs, rings, covers, agricultural machinery parts, animal drinkers, drainage gratings, road manholes, sewer castings, construction machinery components

– possible metalworking, shot blasting, heat treatment, phosphating, machining (milling, turning, drilling), painting with primers and surface paints (wet or powder one)

– quality control of castings, starting from chemical composition and metallographic tests of the material and control of moulding masses, to strength, hardness, dimensional, tightness and X-ray tests

– packing on EUR pallets with collars, transport